Mind Trick

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Force Mind Trick Symbol

Force Mind Trick is a power that aims at deceiving the opponent. Force Mind Trick makes the user invisible to the opponent(s), allowing them to sneak up on them and get the surprise attack.

Mind Trick is activated by pressing the appropriate key, and deactivated by pressing the key again, when the duration of the power is over, or when the Force Pool is empty.


  • Level 1
    • Cost: 4 Points
    • Duration: 25 seconds
    • Effect: Only one opponent can be affected at once
  • Level 2
    • Cost: 6 Points
    • Duration: 25 seconds
    • Effect: All players within the users line of sight are affected
  • Level 3
    • Cost: 8 Points
    • Duration: 25 seconds
    • Effect: All players in the proximity are affected


Force Seeing cancels the affects of Force Mind Trick. When using Force Seeing, a yellow glow will surround all opponents, even Mind Tricked ones, allowing you to spot opponents more easier.