Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament

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The Thanksgiving Invitational Tournaments are Tournaments held at the Jedi Academy annually around Thanksgiving. Tournaments are available only to Jedi Academy Students. Tournament matches are made up of a series of duels, some no-force, some full-force.


TIT1, 2002

The First Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament was set up by AvALON D'Kana, with the assistance of Huxley and Zero. The Tournament was held from November 20th to November 27th, and about 40 students participated. ShadowSith defeated Nofrikinfun in the Division Finals and faced Muffin-Man in the finals, who had beaten Hon Accor in his Division Finals. ShadowSith defeated Muffin-Man to earn himself the Gold Medal and the secret prize, the rank of Knight. Muffin-Man recieved the Silver Medal.

TIT2, 2003

The Second Tournament was arranged by FaDed and skyler_. It was held from November 23rd to December 8th, with 64 students competing. YinYang defeated LeGoLiAn in the US Division and D@RtHM@UL defeated Daidalus in the European Division to make it into the Finals, where D@RtHM@UL was victorious, winning the Gold Medal and the prize, the Knights of the Old Republic PC game.

TIT3, 2004

The Third Tournament was the first one held in JK:JA. It was held from November 8th to November 25th, with about 50 students fighting. For this TIT, a seperate Team tournament was arranged, with 7 teams of three entering. Due to lack of participation, the team cup was eventually cancelled. Sfire defeated Squibit in the finals to win the Gold Medal and a scaled Star Wars hilt replica.

TIT4, 2005

The Fourth Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament was arranged by Roan Belouve. It was not nearly as publicized due to the problems of TIT3. It was opened on the 27th of November and 50 students signed up. The Tournament fell apart near the end, when rumors of exploiting were spread and fighters began withdrawing from the tournament. Eventually, on December 29th, R2D2 and AvaloN Pride were anounced as the winners of the US and European brackets respectively, with no final match.