Capture the Flag

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Red Team Flag on its base

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode in which two teams, Red and Blue, try to capture their opponent's flag by taking it from their opponent's base and returning it to their own, while defending their own flag.



  • Capturing the enemy's flag: +1 team point


  • Eliminating an enemy: +1 point
  • Eliminating an enemy within range of a flag stand: +10
  • Recovering your team's flag: +10 points
  • Eliminating the enemy's flagcarrier: +20 points
  • Your team captures the enemy's flag: +25 points
  • You capture the enemy's flag: +100 points
  • Eliminating yourself or a team member: -1 point
Example Scoring
Jade Jedi killed red's flag carrier and returned the blue flag. +31 points (+1 for eliminating an enemy, +20 for eliminating the enemy flag carrier, +10 for recovering your team's flag)


The team that has the highest team score when the Time Limit or Capture Limit is reached, wins the match.

Useful Commands

  • cg_fov <number>: Sets your Field of View, the larger the number, the more you see on your screen. The maximum is 97. This is helpful because it will allow you to see a bigger part of the map.
  • cg_drawteamoverlay 1: This enables the team overlay window, which will be at the top of your screen, displaying the health and Shield of your teammates.

Useful Files

  • Red Slushie Flag Mod : This makes the flags more transparant, giving you a better view when in 3rd person while carrying the flag.