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Learner was a rank introduced by The Jedi Academy on September 29th, 2002. In order to attain it, Initiates had to ask a JAT to trial them. This rank was the easiest to attain and many initiates regularly bombarded staff with trial requests despite classes being made specifically for it.

The rank was scrapped on March 8th, 2003 when the staff decided that the academy had become too rank-oriented [1].


Demonstrate your ability to perform the following moves:

  • DFA (red style special move)
  • Yellow Finisher (yellow style special move)
  • The Lunge (blue style special move)
  • A backspin (red or yellow backstab)
  • A backstab (blue style backstab)
  • A front kick
  • A side kick
  • Wall-walking

You must duel a JAT in the stance you're most comfortable with and have another JAT witness it. These JAT's will ask you a very small amount of simple questions about dueling strategy and the Jedi Academy. If the JAT's trialing you approve you for the rank of Learner they'll let one the Council members know to make the rank change official. Please post any questions you may have to this post.

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