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Lugormod is a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Mod primerialy made for Role Playing.


Lugormod has many features such as Entity Placing (building), Credits (Money), A level up system, and many more. Although new features are being added every verson some features, and dispite public suggestions, some features are being removed from the mod every version also.

Lugormod has seen changes in its production over time. While it was first created by Lugor,it was later continued by Phred. A talented modder, he has begun production of a variation of this mod called Lugormod-T2.

Production of Lugormod has begun again in 2 ways. Lugor is improving it, not revealing much. Phred (aka RoboPhred) has started the Lugormod-U# series, seeing as T2 was buggy to an extreme. It is being worked on and is at the version at the time of this post.

Lugormod U# is still in production, its develeper Robophred, is currently working on U# 3.0

Lugormod Website

The original lugormod website has been bought out and isn't used anymore. The U# developer is creating a new website. the URL has yet to be released.

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