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Master was founded by Master Darkstar, Master Soulkeeper, and a few others. Master started out with several notable members including; Darkstar, Ninja, Incognito, D00M, Soulkeeper, Agreton, Oldlady, and probably a few we cannot remember anymore. Master's initial inception into the Jedi Knight universe came shortly after the release of Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast.

Throughout the life of Jedi Outcast Master saw many changes in it's structure including a long period of time when the clan was split in half between red vs blue team matchups. Master quickly became a superpower of the Jedi Knight gaming series, dueling clans such as AIM, OOS, WoV, Savior, KoP, and many others defeating each one.

During the release of Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy, Master went under another transformation. Such a reputable clan gained numerous members in such a short amount of time, and like with most clans that are bloated, Master had to shed some weight. In doing so, Master was disbanded by Darkstar and reformed soon thereafter with a smaller player base and better skilled players.

Midway through the life of Jedi Academy, Darkstar vanished from the star systems of the Jedi Knight Universe. A clan without a leader quickly starts to crumble. As such Master Agreton as the last remaining member of the clan, succeeded to clan leader. Now, nearing the end of the life of Jedi Academy, Master continues to represent the idea as a lone member. Waiting for the moment when Master is yet again reborn.