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  • ~In the jedi world, as far as we call it, there are many players, that share unique fighting styles, characters and behaviour. But people mistake what is a jedi. A Jedi is a fighter for peace. A conflict resolver, the last stand against evil. The Jedi work only in 1 way. They never attack first unless its necessary. Even in reality we know that if there is good, there must be evil. In this case, the Sith. If you ask me what does this have to do with the game, I would answer this: EVERYTHING. But the real question would be, what makes a Jedi or a Sith. Its the character behind the monitor. His behavour, his emotions and his gameplay. A Jedi, would naturaly be patient, nice, respective, helpful etc. But a Sith would be aggresive, angry, disrespective. What I've just said here can be compared to the players we meet each day. A Jedi will allways say "Good Fight" and will never get mad at you. If u write, he will not attack. He will wait, if you are AFK for a little bit, he will wait, he will never adress you as a noob or any other instuling word. On the other hand, the Sith are aggresive, they always attack first, never caring for their action or the consequence, if they lose, they call you a noob. Well... the most noobs that come are usualy the Sith because the Sith do not care about the game rules, or unwritten ones. They exploit, they cheat and because their environment is surrounded by the Sith, they get no punishment for their actions. But there wouldn't be Jedi or any Sith if not for the force, because the force is the reason that makes us Sith or Jedi. Imagine the force as a ball of power. 2 strings come from it. 1 is evil, and the other is good. In other words, the Jedi and the Sith come from the same source of power- the force. They cannot exist without each other. They are so close, yet so distant from the force than they cant even imagine. The Sedith is another story. Since the code of the Jedi or the Sith have their own bounds, The code of the Sedith have no bounds at all, for without bounds, we are more closer to the force than any other force sensitive out there. The Sedith allow exploits and also respect the harmony that might come from the force. So to say, a Sedith is neither bad or good, its the perfect version of a player that is somewhere in between. Though there are many Sediths out there, I am the only one who has chosen a name for these kind of players, chosen a type, morale and a philosophy shared by most of them. We are the Sedith!



If you are smart enough, you will quickly understand that the Sedith are more than just a name. Sedith is a way of thinking, an idealistic philosophy which can be used as much as in real life as in the game. Before you start swallowing the Sedith holocron, please let us remind, that the Sedith are a group of people in game, who do not bound them self’s with rules of obedience. The main idea is that nobody can tell a person what he can or can’t do but only himself. In game, two forces known as good and bad or also known as clean and exploit fighting represent a battle within you. Everybody has to choose a different path. Choosing one will prevent from learning the other, and knowledge is power. By bounding yourself with a position of “choose or lose”, you restrict your true potential, thus furthering yourself from perfection. The Sedith way is the only possible solution in this situation. A Sedith is a neutral force, capable of learning both forces of life while keeping balance among them. Not everybody can be a true Sedith. To become one, you must open your mind, think outside the box, release all bounds, free yourself from your own ways, instead of choosing yourself your destiny, let the destiny choose you and just go with the flow. It can sometimes be called as becoming one with the force. If you feel indifferent with this kind of philosophy in any way, please don’t bother reading the rest.

Becoming a Sedith

Becoming a Sedith is more an individual thing, than a practical one. By that, I mean you have to change your way of thinking, at least in the game. A true Sedith is a more apathetical player than a usual one. This means, you have to disconnect yourself from any strings that bound you. From my own experience, I can give an example: You are in a community which values clean game play. From the very start, you feel that you have to hide something from them. Hide your way, opinion, style. Sometime it’s very hard to keep it a secret when you get fond to the community. Unless you free yourself from that feeling, you will never be free. You can’t keep it a secret forever, who cares what they think. You must stop trying to control everything and just let go! Releasing everything, losing everything. It’s the only way to set yourself free. Stop caring what other people think and think for yourself for once. Have your own opinion. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. But don’t overdo it. Having negative feelings and thoughts towards someone or something will drown you to the dark side. That’s why the Sedith way is held by the most important pillar of control. For without control, you won’t accomplish anything. You must keep yourself balanced between dark and light, be aggressive or nice when needed. Welcome a flow of information and feelings in the same way, speed and state. This way, you will truly be able to control your emotions, reaction and certain things. This requires a clean and open mind. To put this boring read to a summary, to become a Sedith, you must have an apathetical mind; you must welcome and see off any piece of information in the same way, while being in a state of harmony. In other words, don’t give a shit.

Code of The Sedith

There is no victory, there is only luck.

There is no defeat, there is only humiliation.

There is no force, there are the Sedith.

A quite simple code. Maybe too simple. The main objective of the code is to free the mind of life’s created illusions. “There is no victory, there is only luck.” Do not think that you have one all by yourself; this will lead to self over-confidence thus leading you to stupidity. Realizing that you don’t have the appropriate skill to finish off your opponent will push you harder into proving them wrong. “There is no defeat, there is only humiliation.” Take defeat lightly, yet don’t forget it, let it be a lesson of what you don’t ever want to experience again. You will try harder not to let this happen again. “There is no force, there are the Sedith.” Free yourself from the hounds of the mind, if you are a Sedith, you don’t need the force to guide you anymore, because you are the force. Humanity is built on the base of fear that one day a superior being will bring the apocalypse to the world, thus releasing the chains of belief. This will happen to the world around you, if you will see the day that is to come. Yet you will not, face the truth that if you die, your own world, your friends, your family die with you, because there is no proof that this is not just a manifestation of your own imagination. Even if it is, this would mean that this is your world, grasp it, control it, because, you are the one who will bring the final judgment.

Morale and Unity

The morale of the Sedith is simply based on the fact that you are nothing, that all you have done, is worth less than your own life. No, this is not a reason for depression; this is the reason of freedom. Its only when you lose everything, that you are able to do anything. Be precise as well as vague. Be childish as well as mature. You get the idea. Keep the balance floating if you want to ever master your mind and emotions. Only then, you will truly be free. “You must welcome and see off any piece of information in the same way, while being in a state of harmony.” The Sedith is not a term which should be described as a clan, family or any other organization or community. The Sedith is a way of thinking and could also be used as a way to describe a person. Because of these terms, the Sedith has absolutely no unity. A Sedith is an individual being in its own way, that’s why the Sedith will not be united.

Enter the Sedith

In game, the Sedith have their own way of dealing with things. Their exceptional way of handling trouble is what makes them unique as well as dangerous. The true way of handling problems is considered ignoring it or solving it with ignorance, which comes very handy in game. Ignoring a player shouting threats to you will not only make you focus, but make the opponent rage quit after the fight. In game, the Sedith don’t have to be solely closed or open persons, as long as they stay open minded to the environment around them.

The Sedith have their own way of fighting. Not a particular style, but a particular way of creating one. Why bound yourself with something that you would rather use. Why obey unwritten rules when you can free yourself. Keep in mind, that balancing the Sedith style is difficult. Balancing the nature of good and evil is not everybody is capable of doing. Basically put, the Sedith style fighting is a style based on the idea that no rules- no bounds. The Sedith follows its own Master Hood concept. The concept is imagined as a ball containing 3 particles: Single saber, Dual Sabers, Staff Saber. Each of them has their own, yet the same typed training categories: Movement, Skill, and Morale. And again, each of those categories has their own 3 categories to branch out to: Movement: The Dance, Exceptional, Other. Skill: Control, Timing, Other. Morale: S.O.C., Vision, Other. The “Other” category contains everything inferior yet the same important to the concept, but not too important to be noted. The idea of the Master Hood concept to define the concept of a master. Once a person masters the 3 sabers in every 3 categories, then he can only be called a master. Most of these kind of players turn out to be one of the best in the whole game.

The last part of the Sedith game play in the game is the training course. Learning all the required things alone is easy, but while having a master, the Sedith way training makes things a little more complicated. First off, a Sedith master must also be a true master according to the Sedith Master hood Concept. This will allow his disciple to learn and understand all 3 types of sabers. A master must teach his first disciple everything he knows, yet allowing him to grow his own style and opinion, then way for him to find his own disciple. Then the objective becomes for them both to train that one person. Allowing this will make the last disciple to learn the old as well as the new way of things. Only when the second disciple becomes a Sedith Master, only then the first one will become one too.