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A Jedi holding a Single Saber


When you start Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy you have only your single saber to fight and defend with. You will use this single saber until you become a Knight and get the choice of having Dual sabers, a saber Staff, or just keeping your single saber and adding more saber styles.

The Single Saber is generally considered the most effective saber in the game because of its three main saber styles. Styles for the single saber include blue stance (fast), yellow stance (medium), and red stance (strong). Each stance has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, as well as 2 special moves. Unlike dual sabers or a saber staff, the single saber offers a greater range of adaptability and a master can utilize this unpredictability to their advantage.

To a Jedi the lightsaber is his/her main weapon. It is elegant strong and powerful, reflecting each user’s inner personalities and feelings. Mastering saber combat can be very difficult and takes time, patience and training to perfect. Since the saber is a sword-like weapon, there are multiple possible Stances and Styles as with any combat form.

All Single Stances

Blue Stance

The Blue Stance is fast moving, but has a short range and does low damage.

Yellow Stance

The Yellow is average on speed, range, and damage. It is a good stance for beginners to master.

Red Stance

The Red stance is slow, but has a long range and does a LOT of damage.

Hidden Stances

Tavion's Stance

Tavion's stance is unique because it has the speed of blue but the range and damage of yellow.

Desann's Stance

Desann's Stance has the speed and range of yellow, but the damage of red.

Both Desann's and Tavion's stances are one-handed.