Trip Mine

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Laser mine.gif
Trip Mine
Manufacturer Unknown
Ammunition Pack of 3 Trip Mines
Max Ammo Capacity 10
Primary Fire Laster tripped
Secondary Fire Contact/Time tripped
Default Key -
Damage Info (100hp/0sh)
Primary Fire Dmg 72 HP
Secondary Fire Dmg 72 HP

Triangularly-shaped explosives, trip mines are mines that are placed on surfaces and can be set off in two different ways. Mines can be detonated prematurely by any projectile.

Primary Mine

When placed using the primary fire key, the trip mine emits a thin beam of blue light perpendicular to the surface it rests on. The mine is detonated when something disrupts the beam. Primary mines are best placed across hallways or doorways so that even if the beam is tripped at the very opposite end of the mine, it will still cause damage.

Secondary Mine

Trip Mines can also be placed using the secondary fire key, in which case they are set off by an enemy coming within a certain distance of them. Mines in this mode have a small blue light coming from the top of them, but no beam of light. Secondary mines are best placed just outside doorways to ambush opponents who cannot see them before going through. Secondary mines self-destruct after 20 seconds.