Cloud Senatu

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Cloud Senatu
Saber Single
Style Single Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy

Senatu Family

Gender Male
Location United States
Padawans Kitana Senatu (Senatu Padawan)

Talon Senatu (Senatu Padawan)

"You are greater than you let yourself believe, concentrate and focus!"
— Maher Senatu to Cloud Senatu


Early Years 2003-2007

Cloud's story within Jedi Academy began when the game first released back in 2003, where he continued on from Jedi Outcast. For the first few years of his time he simply roamed between Single Player and random servers online, not really knowing what to do because he never really bothered to learn much of the game even when he played Outcast. He ventured over a vast amount of servers, coming in contact with many individuals during the years. Cloud would join a clan known as {NJO}, and remained there for two years before he decided to leave and create a clan of his own, alongside his cousin and a friend from {NJO}.

During his time as a clan leader of the clan known as Shadow Alliance, Cloud slowly began to stretch out to servers that weren't US related, meeting with new people and trying to get more involved with the overall community of the game, if for no other reason than to gain support for his own clan. During his time roaming around, he met a person known as Elessar Senatu, and began to talk with Elessar. After a couple months, Cloud felt he really wanted to join what was known as the Senatu Family, and had spoken to Elessar about how to do just that.

Elessar instructed Cloud that he would need to first join The Jedi Academy and become a student there, as all Senatu members were to also be active members of TJA. Cloud agreed and began his road to being a member of TJA on November 16th, 2006. He began to hang around with the other members who were both apart of TJA and Senatu, meeting those he could and attending classes that were held, hoping to also advance his skill with a lightsaber. After a few months of dedication to both TJA and hanging with the members of Senatu, Elessar agreed to bring Cloud into the family as his Apprentice, and on February 16th, 2007, Cloud became a member of the Senatu Family.

Mid-JA Career 2007-2011

Since Cloud became a member of the Senatu Family, he worked hard.. trying to better himself as both an individual and a player of the game. He continued to have practices and training with both Elessar and Maher, trying to learn everything he could about the game in the combat and movement aspect, hoping that one day he could become a really amazing player and show to everyone that he isn't the noob they always felt he was. However during the years of training, it never seemed to get Cloud out of his old habits and continued to make mistakes that he always knew he was making, but could never seem to stop himself.

In 2008, Cloud had become a member of the Jedi Praxeum as well, a learning community that was focused more on the mod called JAplus, and under the supervision of Luke Skywalker, Cloud began to start breaking his habits and actually performing a better job at what he was doing, becoming a slightly more lethal person to face and wasn't the push-over anymore that people always knew him as. He started to help train others, both in the Praxeum and Senatu, and even began taking on his own Padawan's within the Senatu Family, becoming a Mentor himself.

Cloud brought in a few different people into the Senatu Family, however the two most notable that he ever brought in was Kitana Senatu, his girlfriend at the time, and Talon Senatu, someone who would become an extremely close friend. Cloud pushed his Padawans to be all they could, even encouraged them to learn things Cloud didn't even know, so that one day they could both be able to beat Cloud in a duel and show they have truly learned and have surpassed their Mentor, being able to become Mentor's within the Senatu Family as well.

Despite Cloud's position within the Senatu Family, he remained a student among the TJA crowd, under the guidance of Maher, someone who had become a Knight within the TJA community and was eligible to take on official Padawans. Cloud was one of four Padawans to Maher; Elessar, Draco, and Eldor. Cloud would practice side-by-side his Padawan brethren almost daily, hoping to one day show that he had been learning and could pass the trials and become a Jedi Knight to the TJA alongside his Mentor, Maher. However this day wouldn't come for Cloud, as he became inactive and stopped showing up to practices due to his life taking a toll on him, allowing him no time to get on and enjoy time with his friends.

JA Career 2012-Present

Over the years, Cloud continued to work on his skills. The Senatu Family had become almost extinct as he and Talon were the only members to continue playing the game, while the others went on their own way with life and weren't really seen much anymore. Cloud remained active within the community of Jedi Academy, making sure he was always around and always attempting to improve what he already knew with a lightsaber. Cloud became a Jedi Knight within the Jedi Praxeum, and a non-Master leader of the community. He also took on the role of Grandfather of the Senatu, which Maher gave to him as he went inactive, knowing Cloud would remain around and able to take care of things.

Cloud did what he could to always stay active, get the name out there, be involved, but of course sometimes life takes it toll and requires us to set the game to the side for a few months. However even with his inactive moments, Cloud always returned to the game and community. Despite his great feats in both Jedi Praxeum and the Senatu Family, he remained a student in TJA, never to take the Knight trials due to Maher becoming inactive and they never complete the training, getting the approval from Maher to take the trial and try to become a Jedi Knight within The Jedi Academy.

His dream never stopped, and Cloud still hopes to one day show everyone he can fulfill what he set out to do so many years ago and become a Jedi Knight, and continues to fight for that dream and hope to one day obtain it, showing the community that he has the ability.