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The Jedi Academy Council are the 'leaders' of the Jedi Academy, and deal with the day to day works. They have the final say in every matter, and make sure the Students have Servers to play on, a website, an IRC channel to chat on, and everything else to keep the Community happy.

There are currently 6 Council Members, a pretty much set number, since in the history of the Jedi Academy, there have always been only 4-6 Council Members.


Quote from the Academy's Holocron:
Jedi Academy Council (JAC) - The council is the head of the academy. It decides about important issues like the future of the academy and has the last word in settling conflicts etc. Besides Doobie and DJ there are some other council members who got promoted due to their extraordinary dedication towards the JA and for their constant good work. Council members should be treated highly respectful, as they keep sure this place exists at all.

Jedi Council Members

Current Councillors

The current Council Members are:

Former Councillors

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