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Saber Single ,Staff
Style Hybrid
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Padawans The Dragon Reborn


Joined: 16 October 2004.

Retired: 10 April 2005.

Returned: 05 June 2008.

Made Staff: 27 June 2008.

Made Council Member: 18 January 2009.


Padawan To Odan-Wei Belouve.

Adopted into the Belouve family.

Twin to xAnAtOs

Server Hardware

The current server is a box named "Juliette".

Model Dell Poweredge SC440.

OS Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

Processor Intel Pentium D E2180 (Allendale, 65nm, dual core 2.00GHz, 1MB L2 cache).

Memory 4x 512MB PC-6400 ECC.

Hard drives 2x 80GB (7200rpm)in Raid-1.

Network 100MB.


Owner of the 4th Quesi sexy badge