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Johauna Darkrider
Rank Padawan
Saber Single
Style Form IV - Ataru / Form VII - Vaapad,Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, aXiom
Gender female
Location Mrlinek, Czech republic
Master ex-padawan of Wolfwood, now under tutelage of Dash Starlight
Padawans none

Johauna started playing JK3 around summer, 2004. She joined the Academy on 1st December, 2004, were she started out as a Student interested in learning more about the game and meeting new friends. She currently uses a Single Saber, and has a Hybrid fighting style - however she puts more emphasis on Red due to her inexperiences with Yellow stance.

Padawanship to Wolfwood

Just a few days after joining the Academy, then Jedi Academy Trainer Wolfwood noticed Johauna struggling in the game and took her as a padawan. Johauna began learning movement and red stance basics under Wolfwood's tutelage.

However, in upcoming month, Wolfwood dropped activity in the Academy and Johauna decided to pursue her skills on her own, both in JA and on public servers.

The Dark Side clouds everything

Johauna was always more of an observer what others did. Before she came to JA, she played mostly on public servers. She found out that people out there rarely share any knowledge and that was one of reasons she decided to go and get better on her own. She was eager and she wanted to get better no matter the cost. Meeting several players from Euro JKA scene influenced her and pushed her ways into wrong direction. Mainly when she joined clan eSe, being one of the best on German/Euro JKA scene. Johauna felt she'd slow them down, so she started to exploit. At the same time she was activelly participating in ESL; both in international and Czech ladder. With her using exploits, she climbed to the top of Czech JKA scene and along with Angelus she held top ranks in czech ESL.

After Angelus quit ESL, she held rank # 1 for a while, but shortly on that she decided she didn't have guts for JKA anymore.

Leaving The Academy and JKA

Johauna realized she did not enjoy JKA anymore once she realized she despised her own style and was unable to go back. She did try, but the exploits made her feel stronger - without them she felt weak and after spending nearly a year on JKA she decided her fate was sealed as she didn't feel up to another year of playing to get herself in shape and be formidable opponent. Johauna started to drop activities on all servers slowly. Finally, during Autumn 2005 - Winter 2006 she stopped playing JKA completelly. It would seem that the story was over...but it was not.

Return of Johauna, turning back to Light Side of the Force!

Johauna felt small void in herself, when she stumbled upon The Academy website on 28th November 2007. Nearly two years after she played JKA last time. That was the time when she installed JKA game again and went to search for her old friends. She noticed that many of them were inactive, however people like Dash Starlight, Virtue, Majno, Setementor were still around JA and it was final struck why she decided to come back defintelly and firmly.

This time, however she decided to turn back to Light Side of the Force and resist tempting ways of exploit and to learn decent style instead. She knows the process will be rather long and difficult due to Johauna having several bad habits from her past, but this time she is not going to give up.

Notable milestones before Johauna's leave

  • joining Czech clan Academy of the Jedi (Summer 2004)
  • leaving Academy of the Jedi due to personal reasons (December 2004)
  • joining the Jedi Academy (December 2004)
  • joining german clan called e-sport Energy, shortly eSe, which was one of the most succesfull clans in International ESL (January 2005)
  • being #1 in czech ESL for some time

How Johauna's styles changed

  • Agressive style with use of LOTS of aerials and wiggling. She was pure Red stance user as she never mastered yellow stance due to her chaotic way of fighting and lack of knowledge.
  • Her fighting style remained jumpy a lot and somewhat agressive as well. She still uses aerials a lot, however she started to learn from Dash Starlight and Hugo another ways how to fight. At first, she intends to embrace Yellow stance and to improve herself overall, from basics to more advanced stuff in the future.

Johauna's current Style

  • A far more neat, smoother style; using both yellow and red. She has still somewhat aggressive style, as it's very natural to her, but she learnt to fight a bit more cautiously as well. There's still room for improvement of her style anyways.

Johauna's current goals

  • improve herself and being able to help others with JKA to return favours to JA for helping her

Padawanship to Dash Starlight

Johauna was training with her friend, Dash Starlight quite often so after few weeks they decided to make it official. So from 19th January 2008 Johauna is officially padawan of Dash Starlight. Time will tell probably more as they both progress...

Notable milestones in 2008

  • joining Team-aXiom (9th October 2008)
  • restarting TFFA training
  • taking on a student and training him

Notable quotes & Stuff Johauna Relates to

The Orthodox Jedi Code
There is no Emotion; There is Peace.
There is no Ignorance; There is Knowledge.
There is no Passion; There is Serenity.
There is no Death; There is the Force.

Additional lines to the Jedi Code:
There is no Chaos: There is Harmony.
There is no Fear; There is Courage.
There is no Foolishness; There is Wisdom.

Alternate version of the Jedi Code:
Passion is a crutch, peace is the truth.
Through peace I gain serenity.
Through serenity I gain knowledge.
Through knowledge I gain understanding.
Through understanding I gain wisdom.
The Will of the Force will guide me.

The Jedi Creed
I am a Jedi, an instrument of peace.
Where there is hatred I shall bring love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy. I am a Jedi.

  • Skill, but not the character is trainable"» - (ex)zedi'Nichos

  • "» No! Try not! Do! Or do not! There's no try!- Yoda

  • » ~May The Force Be With Us All
  • ~And May The Peace of this Place Be Ours
  • ~A Place Open To Thought and Speech
  • ~A Realm Of Mutual Respect
  • ~And A Haven of Shared Noble Purpose.
  • ~Let us take our place together,
  • ~With no one above the others.
  • ~May we work together in trust,
  • ~Free from the restraints of Ego and
  • ~Jealousy,
  • ~At this gathering and all others to come. »

  • »And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance

and with furious anger those, who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers !» - Author unknown

  • Know the enemy and know yourself, you will win every battle;
  • Know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
  • Know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
  • Be not proud when victorious.
  • Do not give up when defeated...! -(ex)zedi'Angelus