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Saber Single
Style Hybrid between Yellow and Red stance. Plays using a mixture of exploits and clean fighting.
Affiliation(s) Victus
Gender Male
Location Australia
Master Fox
Padawans None

The Beginning

In the days before Episode 3 revenge of the sith was released in Australia (2005), Tenchu (known as Draken then) Brought JK3 for 10$ at a store he only played single player and tried multiplayer once he had dial-up and multiplayer didn't fancy him. He quit after finishing Single player and sold it to a mate in his first year of highschool for 2$. And never looked back But until 2007 a star wars marathon, Draken got heavily addicted to this and wanted to play so he looked all over for Jk3 but rememberd he sold it to a mate. He brought it off his name for measly 5$ and reinstalled and started playing once again

FFA JA+ History

Guardian Jedi Draken was scouted servers to join and wanted to be in a particular clan where it was jedi themed and stumbled across a clan known as Guardian Jedi {GJ} which was led by Saberhawwk, Mad, Stryker for sometime, There he met a clanmate named bloodninja and he and Draken got along well, Blood ninja helpd Draken kick out a member named Zetamancer who always attacked clan members with force. He was delt with after many complaints..He picked on Draken in general and blood ninja helped him which helped them build a good friendship. Another friend he met there was Turgon a friend from Serbia, they got on well and talked alot and were planning to meet later that year in 2008 but they drifted away and now are only msn contacts and bearly speak to each other nowadays.. and another great friend he made was a gunman named Elkon. He got Drakens attention with siege, and sparked interest and met a few people in public siege when it was active, and played more and more but he was still loyal to Guardian Jedi. Draken started to dislike his name after he found out that he got it from Kim Possible and was determined to change it, Saberhawwk came up with some poor names and Draken was obsessed with a game called Tenchu: Wrath of heaven, He changed his name to Tenchu and that was his trademark name to be forever used in the Jedi Academy realm as it is a infamous hated name that many or few in JA+ would never like to hear. He was trained by Saberhawwk in single who had no knowledge of anything but persisted in training his new member, They had one legendary member named )-(ell who was feared but constantly joined new clans without leaving the others without a care in the world, He met a Average player named Luke Starkiller who helpd his yellow and helped him improve alot, but by that time, Draken was known as Tenchu and was inBOMB and he had a run in with a fellow GJ member named JamesFett and he left the clan and joined the next clan he found which was AZ

Azuma Zaibatsu Around May 2008 as soon as he left GJ Tenchu was nicknamed Tench from siege which rubbed off. Tench made a few days appearence and was recruited into AZ by KuroRyu, Tench was then trained by Zu who was an instructor from the School of War, Tench had made great friendships which still last today, The Azuma Zaibatsu branches were from OR and TLJK and they were all long time friends with ties in alot of area, Tench started pole training, and was told to dislike basers and to never copy their style..Tench rebeled and fought and played them, one was kagero who was persistant in teaching him basejka and started the chain reaction in Tenchs ambition to get better, stronger, Smarter with JK3. He had rival issues with a clan mate which made him want to become better and better. He trained and trained and trained not knowing anything about pure or base and such, He participated in what any active memeber would in a clan. And was active and supportive until falling in what they said as 'Corruption and egostical' due to hanging with 'basers' They disliked his new attitude, and the way he fought. He met a player known as KaTo at that time, Who had 10 years JK experience watched Tench change and go through a series of events which saw him spiral out of control and regain control of his life and other things. He mentored Tench in a way but forbid to teach him anything only tip offs and such until he got better or improved with a stable head on his shoulders..this never happend. He wanted to fly through his ranks and achieve the highest rank a member could get, but after failing an exam 7 times in a row he swore at the leader who was Yoshi Akamatsu. AZ was a council based clan led by 5 leaders, the most respected and most likely voted best Leaders during that year period were: Rakon kido, Satoru Kido, Aves Akamatsu, Yoshi Akamatsu, KaTo Kagerou. But World of Warcraft accted most of the leaders and the rest struggled to maintain control with large amount of numbers, 2 or 3 members tried to kill the clan but it was fixed up with new votes but was already on its knees. by that time Tench had left to base more and less active on AZ, he had a new Japanese name aswell. he was now known as Saku Yunero and had ambitions of teaching what ever he could and he didnt do well at it, but continued to try. Tench admin abused when he knew he was gone but friends bailed him out, a loyal friend by the name of Kima/nightshade who was to later be leader of AZ. Tench finally put in his resignation and left to join base..and watched as the clan slowly fell.. With the friends he made, They eventually all turned into enemies except Kima/Nightshade, Razz/Tekuni, icepak/Kariya and Kotaro Yunero. Tench has faced his fair share of Hackers in his time but luckily for his dynamic IP and their unskilled hacking abilities they failed to achieve death of Tenchu Yunero. Tench was later quit before being kicked out which made many people happy, but Tench wanted to come back and as he was clanless he wandered and slowly talked his way into comming back which was denied twice. He then waited and word spread that they wanted Tench back in (the Leaders) because he brought competition and activeness for the server even though he was the main person who made AZ infamous and hated by every other JA+ clan. Tench had a chance for a base division opportunity but declined when certain members were in it and when he relised it was put on hold. Kima/nightshade eventually became leader of AZ and Tench was allowed in which he achieved a rank to teach and was well liked for a bit until one day in base emp from no Surrender invited him into nS, he was about to decline but he and Razz flipped on it and the results proved that nS was his new home, He left AZ and was hated and flamed but found a much better environment and swore never to return to JA+ ever again

Movie Battles

Draken was his name in movie battles, he played the game for a brief 3 months before quitting, He had a reputation of the worlds worst MBIIer and never returned. Draken joined a clan called the clone assault squadron where he recruited a friend named cloud, and Cloud corrputed Draken into leaving and joining Decade..Draken accepted and they both tore down and deleted the server and Forums and Decade didnt last by that time he left MBII forever and was continusly bugged by the leader to come back Draken Decline and started FFA and Siege where he met Elkon..


BOMB After following Elkon to BOMBs server he posted an applictaion on the then active clan where it was popular, but hated there he met many friends and a girl name Crazy Nugget. They were long time friends but grew apart and never speak to each other. BOMB stood for Batallion of Mighty Bomb-tossers and was created by WAT? and I like to drop bombs the clan tags went in [BOMB]name?{rank} the questionmark remained in the tags after WAT? started the craze and is still used to this day by veteran members. Elkon took Tench under his wing and trained him to the best of his ability and he started getting good until the power went to his head and started becomming like the professionals at the game who were Egoistical and abusive to members who couldnt play or didnt to do well, He become a council member under the name [BOMB]Tench?{BB} and later left the clan after its major inactive qualities. It slowly died and became a spam forum. Tench still sieges with the new gaming clan called reviving Siege

Reviving Siege Reviving siege was created this year in 2009 to get all the old generation players and the new generations to fall in love with siege again, it has been a good success and Tench joined this clan for the love of siege. it was created by Tensor and Guardian and has been doing well and has brought life back into siege. Tench's name in siege has and always will be Tench/Tenchu, that is the only name he is known by and probably will be. Tench applied to !rS* when it started to bloom, and has been inactive due to his poor computer standards but is always a sieger at heart


this brief encounter did not last well but Turk3y trained him shortly in CTF but found he hadnt learnt much from him enough to play at a high standard, Tench has liked CTF though and enjoys playing with or without guns and force. He has little experience but gets the idea from watching others



After playing alot on nS and trying to get to know the members Emp invited him to apply to nS. Thunder told emp that he was in AZ and emp said not to worry about applying then. But thunder wanted to get in, and made the decision to flip a coin to see where he went. The results were clear. Thunderstyle would apply to noSurrender and thats where he would stay. He changed his ingame name to Shayla and now enjoys playing base with Elm, Kapkin, Hero and his clanmates icepak, Kaldor, Deathbringer, Banana, Ethreal, Emp, Saidoo, Quad and the rest! nS has improved him heaps after his Raver master Hero has helpd somewhat but has continued to miss the timezones to train each other due to real life issues.


After nS had an incident with ELm having to leave JKA for a period, a fight broke out. After Ethereal left nS, so did emp, tench and then there were issues with nS and tench at the time, he felt elm had insulted him and thought they were no longer friends. he was wrong. After Being re accepted into AZ once more, he had a proven attitude change but was still touchy like a timebomb, which prompted. He has had several clashes with AZ members such as Kuro and Tori. But tench has accepted Kuros way of life, however has still never clarified the way he see's the way he stands with Tori. Once more Tench left AZ but this time on good terms, He discussed leaving with Rakon, that inactivity and such were one of the few reasons. He thought hard. made the decision. it was a shame he made the wrong one. After Eth tried to recruit him into the new and underskill MastersTench didnt give a response, rather wanted to be back to nS. after speaking to Kaldor about his intentions he then had to speak to Elm, they discussed the emotions that went through the ordeal when they had the fight. Maturingly they worked it out, elm gave him another chance, Tench was a nS-t for more than a week. And then Kaldor dissapeared without telling Tench. Tench assumed the worse that they were playing with him and left. He remained clanless from then on..

Killer Instinct Tench remained clanless and floated around on base, Hanging with the godly tron, drums, loda and billy D. He then met a guy called Ninja, Who had a team called Killer instinct the tags are [Ki] they joked around with tench all the time calling him gay and a pedo etc etc. But after a while tench was invited. he accepted. Ninja forced tench to change his wild side of insane inacurate wiggles and learn to actually control and change his style, it prompted Tench to change in style and have more respect to other players due to the represenative of Ki. He went through a tough ordeal and was later accepted into Ki. He remains in Ki and is currently applying to AZ a millionth time..

[Ki] Tench, minx[Ki]


During the years, Tench remained in base where he met most of his best dueling teams/clans/partners and thrived on the competitive aspect that was in basejka. He joined many teams learning from Fox who took the time to really help tench, Fox then formed underdog, which is now victus and is a great academy. As the years went on and they rolled over into 2012 base started to become inactive due to a troll terrorizing the servers. As this halted Tenchs ability to enjoy basejka as no one would play he resorted to going back to JA+, refusing to stop playing JKA. He then met a clan through friends Snipe and Blink who created a team beforehand in basejka called Defy, Defy would play alot of matches and do reasonably well throughout the matches and was known as a laidback team that wanted to have fun, After apply to EK Tench found his new home and enjoys playing with old friends. He is currently a Jedi rank amongst the EK members of the clan and remains so til this day..