Jaiko D'Kana

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Jaiko D'Kana
Saber Single
Style Yellow Purist (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom
Padawans illian D'Kana, Alexander D'Kana

Jaiko has been at the Jedi Academy since August 15th 2003. Originally joining under the name of "Venom[JAS]". Jaiko D'Kana is currently a Jedi Academy Master at the Jedi Academy. He primarily uses a Single Saber Yellow Stance with great perfection and skill.

Jaiko has also become somewhat of an inspiration and role model to many. His attitude change since he went by the name of "Venom[JAS]" has inspired many to look at people, the game and life in general in a much lighter and friendlier way. With skill, knowledge, patience and a love for all people, Jaiko is possibly a good definition of the word 'Friend'.

He has grown throughout the ranks of the Jedi Academy with a refusal to accept his abilities. Too honest for his own good, Jaiko has gone from Student to Knight to Instructor and finally to Master maintaining his smile and heart. Jaiko was taken on by Jaina D'Kana, it is assumed that this is because of the potential she saw in him to become a great Jedi. With training and time Jaiko became a smaller version of what he is to this day. With even more time he merely improved himself, taking on padawans, in the process, with precise aim. Just like Jaina he would not accept anyone who needed/wanted help, but choose the most potential candidates to receive his training. As cruel as this sounds it was not intended that way, he would choose only those with the right attitude and patience to match.

His two padawans Illian D'Kana and Alexander D'Kana were taken in a long time space from each other, first was Illian and then Alexander.

The D'Kana family was formed by a man known as (Eclipse D'Kana?), Jaiko entered this family via Jaina D'Kana. The intiation is not confirmed by merely becoming a padawan of a currently existing D'Kana; only once the padawan has proven themselves are they allowed to take the name D'Kana. Whilst many newer students strive to be a part of this family, there is nothing progressively to be gained, save from friendship and private training. The addition of Jaiko, his padawans and many others have made this family a very strong group.

The 'Jai' in Jaiko stands for Jedi.