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Standing for Jedi Academy Padawan, JAP is a tag worn by many members of the Jedi Academy that are a Padawan of ranked members. JAP is not a rank, and all JAPs have the same standing as Students.

There have been members in the past, that used the Jedi Academy Apprentice (JAA) tag, to show they used the Dark Side of the Force, as opposed to the Light Side using Jedi Academy Padawans. But no one really uses that tag anymore these days.

What is a Padawan?

A Padawan is an apprentice of a higher ranking Jedi. He is to receive tutoring in the way of either one-on-one sessions, or Padawan classes held by the higher ranking Jedi and attended by his apprentices.

How to become a Padawan?

Those who were found touched by the Force, and want to improve in it, can choose to travel the Jedi Academy to receive proper training. Upon arrival, the individual is entitled as a Jedi Academy Student (abbreviated as JAS). It is customary that those without an official master are to call themselves JAS.

JAS-es have several rights and possibilities. They are free to explore the Academy, to attend classes. Many Academy members stick to this level: they attend classes, they practice by themselves or with (more or less) random other members, improving their skills this way.

However there is another way. If the students feels that he needs more personal, close attention, someone to guide him on the path of the Force, he may seek a master. This can be done online or offline: On the servers or on the website, using the forums. Higher ranking Jedi are constantly on the lookout for new Padawans. Those who have been recently promoted to Knights do so too, but they need to know about the Student's interest of looking for a master; there's a very useful pair of threads on the Academy's website for that, called "Looking for a master?" and "Looking for a padawan?".