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Administrators, or Bureaucrat/sysops, have extra abilities, so that they can maintain and control the Wiki better in order to prevent abuse.

A few of these extra abilities are:

  • Ability to protect and/or un-protect a page : Protected pages cannot be edited or moved, usually pages that experience a lot of abuse/vandalism, or pages that don't need editing are protected. Un-protecting the page will allow anyone to edit the page again.
  • Ability to ban and/or unban users : This allows Administrators to ban certain users from the Wiki, removing their rights to Edit pages. This is usually done with users that abuse/vandalise pages, whether it be by spamming the page with links, editing it with unrelated information, deleting content, or otherwise edit the page in a negative way.
  • Ability to delete pages/images : Though every user can edit and move pages, only Wiki Administrators can delete pages. Usually only double pages, pages with an incorrect name or pages that are made by abusers/vandalizers, are deleted. Wiki Administrators can also deleted images from the Wiki, that are no longer needed for whatever reason.

If you are experiencing any problems related to the Wiki, whether it be with registering an account, or with editing, and you cannot find the answer in the Help Section, these are the guys to ask for help.

Also, if you notice spammers or abusers, be sure to tell the Administrators their name(s), so they can take proper action, and thereby keeping the Wiki clean of unrelated stuff and vandalism.

The current Wiki Administrators are: