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Change to a game made by a user. Modifications can be made easily for games that use the Quake engine through the use of .pk3s. Many modifications are put on websites such as JK3Files and PCGameMods for widespread distribution.

JKA Modifications

In JKA, modifications of virtually all aspects of the game are available, from custom maps and skins to HUDs and startup screens. Most mods aren't required to play on a server.

Server Side Mods

Most servers run an admin mod, or a modification which allows for easier administration of a server. Popular admin mods include:

Server modifications inevitibly alter the damage scales of the server, and are avoided at all costs by serious fighting servers.

The Disruption mod is another popular server-side mod.

Client Side Mods

Some server modifications are required to play on the server. One such mod is the Duelers Mod. The mod must be downloaded before a user can join a server that runs it. The JA+ mod has a client-side option that can be downloaded to give extra features to a player on the mod, but is not required to join the server.

Maps and Skins

To join a server, a player must have the map that the server is currently running in his or her base folder. Players do not need all the skins that are on the server to play on the server. In a pure server, players can only use their custom skins if the server also has them. In impure servers, players can use any of their custom skins. When another player is wearing a skin that the user doesn't have downloaded, the user will see them as Kyle Katarn.


Some servers allow automatic-downloading, meaning that a player can download files directly from the server if he or she has auto-downloading enabled in the setup menu. Auto-downloading is slow and can lag the server, which is why most servers do not allow it. If a player has auto-downloading enabled, he or she will download every file on the server, even ones that aren't necessary to play there.