Jade Jedi

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Jade Jedi
Saber Single
Style Form IV, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, Jedi Academy Aurochs
Gender Male
Location Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Padawans Rage-Ball, Dante Eagle

Jade Jedi is a Jedi Academy Trainer at the Jedi Academy he is also the TFFA Captain of the Jedi Academy Aurochs and is a hybrid single-saberist. Originally from Melbourne he now lives in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.


The Beginning

Jade Jedi came to The Jedi Academy after a recommendation from an unknown person on a pub server in mid 2004 and since then has never looked back. One of the first people Jade met at the Academy was MOTREC, who was instrumental in introducing Jade to the online gaming experience.

Learn The Ways Of The Force

Later that year Jade was approached By Sared, a fellow Duals user and a Jedi Academy Knight at the time, and was offered to become his official Padawan, which he eagerly accepted. Jade begun his training under Sared and joined the likes of Janiriki and LinLei Kryt also Sared's Padawans and at the same time became a member of the Belouve Family. Dane a fellow Aussie was also very instrumental in showing Jade the way's of the Single Saber.


In mid 2005 Jade was toggled to begin the Jedi Academy Knight trials and after a re-trial and some intense training Jade was promoted to the rank of Jedi Academy Knight. Shortly after his promotion he took on Rage-Ball an Aussie and also Jade's nephew, as his first Padawan and begun training him.

After a long search for someone that was active around the same time as him, Jade found Dante Eagle yet another Aussie and begun to watch him as potential Padawan. After some initial training and some basic help in general with the game, Jade thought it time to make it more official and took Dante Eagle on as his second Padawan.

Let Me Show You The Ways Of The Force

Towards the end of 2006 Jade applied to become a Jedi Academy Trainer and submitted his application along with his lesson plans to the Jedi Academy Council for there consideration. Jade's application was accepted and he was promoted to the rank of Jedi Academy Trainer on the 9th of December 2006 and shortly after begun teaching his classes, The Saturday fun Session, basic TFFA which he took over from 3th and Hybrid Dueling.

The Aurochs

As one of the only Aurochs to stay after the mass exodus towards the end of 2006 Jade along with R2D2 committed them selves to re-building the Aurochs and to recruit new members as to generate more interest within The Jedi Academy and the Aurochs.

R2D2 became the new Team Manager/Master Auroch after 3th, while Jade took on the role of trying to fill the shoes of Tido as the new Team Captain.

Shortly after, Piccolo and Wicek joined the team on completion of their trial and the re-building proses had begun. Around the same time the Aurochs CTF squad was implemented and saw the return of Rosered to take the reigns of CTF Captain.

Jade and the Aurochs are looking forward to continuing the re-building proses in 2007 and to start competing again in an attempt to regain some of their former glory within the JA community and the ESL.

Always In Motion The Future Is

Whats next for Jade Jedi? Jedi Academy Master maybe, who knows? It's possible, no really it is, I'm not kidding, stranger thing have happened you know! :P


Jade Jedi teaches these classes at The Jedi Academy