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A Jedi Academy Trainer (JAT), or Jedi Academy Instructor, is a position at The Jedi Academy which grants one the honor of teaching Classes to the Students/Members of the Academy. JATs are also high-level admins and have full admin access on the Academy Servers. The Jedi Academy Trainers have more influence on JA policy and are the true backbone to the executive side of the Academy's Staff.


When the academy was in developement, JAT applications were open and eventually saw around 15 people pass their trials to attain the rank before being ceased. After complaints regarding staff behaviour, it became clear that JATs were better chosen than applied as they were a primary example to the lower ranks and morale was reduced when they failed to serve as such.


Quote from the Academy's Holocron:
"Trainers are the heart of the academy. They keep running classes on weekly basis and have full access to admin commands to keep order on servers. These are the right guys to ask if you have a serious problem or want to learn some extra stuff. Notice however that they’re only human and have to care about many other things. Be patient with them, and respect them for their hard work for the academy.

Powers and Abilities

"Trainer" Admin Access

Jedi Academy Trainers, aswell as Jedi Academy Masters and Council Members have "Trainer" Admin Access, this means they can use any of the following commands:

  • Login/Logout (amlogin and amlogout): Allows the Trainer to login or logout as an Admin.
  • Status (amstatus): Shows the ID, IP Address, Health, Shield and name of all players on the server.
  • Whois (amwhois): Shows all logged in Knights and Trainers with thir respective Admin level.
  • Kick (amkick): Kicks a player of the server.
  • Silence (amsilence and amunsilence): Removes the players ability to use chat, the Admin can select whether the player loses all chat abilities, or only global or private chat abilities. Amunsilence grants the player chat rights again.
  • Empower (amempower and amunempower): Grants the selected player all Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral Force Powers at their maximum level, aswell as a Force Pool of 200 instead of 100. Amunempower removes these powers.
  • Terminator (amterminator and amunterminator): Gives the selected player all weapons with 999 ammunition, aswell as all items. However the player loses the ability to use the Force or wield a Lightsaber. Amunterminator cancels the effects of amterminator.
  • Protect (amprotect and amunprotect): Protects a certain player, granting them immunity to all damage, untill they are either unprotected with amunprotect, or untill they press primary fire or use a Force Power.
  • Sleep (amsleep and amwake): Sleeps a certain player, rendering them immobile and protecting them against all damage. Amwake awakens the player.
  • Rename (amrename): Allows the Trainer to rename a certain player.
  • MOTD (amshowmotd): Shows the MOTD to the selected player.
  • PSAY (ampsay): Sends a message to the selected player, which is displayed in the center of the players screen.
  • Kickban (amkickban): Removes a player from the server, and also bans the selected player.
  • Teleport (amtele): Allows the Trainer to teleport any player to the selected coordinates.
  • No Target (amnotarget): Allows the Trainer to make people 'invisible' for NPC's so that they won't attack the player.
  • Force Team (amforceteam): Allows the Trainer to move people to another team (Capture the Flag, Team Free For All and Siege gametypes only).
  • Vote (amallowvote and amdenyvote): Grants or removes a players ability to vote.
  • Lock Team (amlockteam and amunlockteam): Locks a certain team so players cannot join it (Capture the Flag, Team Free For All and Siege gametypes only).
  • Gametype (amgametype): Allows the Trainer to change the gametype.
  • Next Map (amnextmap): Rotates the map to the next one in line.
  • Random Team (amrandteams): Randomizes the teams (Capture the Flag, Team Free For All and Siege gametypes only).
  • NPC Access (amnpcaccess): Grants a certain player rights to spawn NPC's.
  • Slap (amslap): Slaps selected player in the air, taking massive fall damage on impact.
  • Admin Chat (amsay): Allows the Trainer to talk to other logged in Admins without non-Admins being able to read it.
  • VSTR (amvstr): Executes and selects the map desired available in the rotation.
  • Origin (amorigin): Shows the Trainer to location of the selected player in X, Y, Z, YAW format, this command is used to execute the amtele command.
  • Banrange (ambanrange): Kicks and bans the players IP range, available in Light, Medium and High security level.


As an Instructor, it is required that you hold Classes for it's Members to attend and learn from. The Instructor can decide for himself how many Classes he wants to teach (minimal requirement is 1), and what he wants to teach in his Classes.

The most common Classes are Classes that are focussed on the Force, weapons and the Lightsaber.

Not all of the Classes that an Instructor holds have to be serious, or aimed at learning. An Instructor can choose to hold a class that is soley aimed at having fun, like going to a Public Server to play against non-Jedi Academy Members, having a CTF/TFFA/Siege match, playing Jedi vs. Merc (Empowered vs. Terminator) or something else.

Jedi Academy Trainers

Current Trainers

Former Trainers

Not all former Jedi Academy Trainers are listed, the list is also in no particular order.

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