Jedi Prodigy

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Jedi Prodigy
Saber Single
Style Form IV, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, JASE
Gender Male
Location Seekonk, MA, USA
Padawans Darth Sirius

A Jedi Academy member since 2002, formerly a Jedi Academy Knight before the purge. Trifounder of the JASE. Known also as Jedi_Pimp, or just JP. JP became a knight on Dec 29, 2004.

Former Padawan of Datheus, Nightcrawl2r, and NoFrikinfun.

Back in the Day

When JP first started his career in the Jedi Knight series playing the demo of Jedi Knight 1 in the MSN Gamezone with his best friend, Jedi_Money. They both picked up Jedi Knight:Jedi Outcast and continued to play on the Gamezone where they both played without a mouse, and on a 56k connection (dont missed that...). While searching for information about the game and its moves JP stumbled onto There he downloaded the "The Jedi Academy " map v1. He found out it was the official map of a He then submitted an application and about a month later (DJ was slow back then) he joined The Academy, profile id#690.

Early Days in the Academy

Back in October of 2003, JP logged onto the Jedi Academy server for the first time. JP recalls, "I can still remember the 1st time I logged on to jk2home. I spent about 5 minutes just picking a skin, finally picked a Kyle skin in a black ninja-like suit. I renamed myself "BackInBlack" and hoped on. I remember walking into the Matrix room and stopping in awe and i saw two jedi fighting on the mat. One of them being Datheus, I remember him winning fairly effortlessly and waiting to learn to play as he did." JP later asked Datheus to teach him and became his padawan. He trained under Datheus for a short time before Datheus went MIA. It was then he met the master behind his base of skills. The man, the myth, the legend, Nightcrawl2r. Nighty's Earth, Wind and Fire class was the basis for JP's skills. Nighty was also a behavioral role model for JP being the one who personified what a Jedi Knight should be. Skilled, polite, patient, and giving.

Birth of the JASE

One of the Tri-founders of the JASE.

Road to Knighthood

JP started playin Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy during an illegal hax version of the alpha where he started as a dualist. He quickly saw how the dual and staff took away from the true jedi feeling and went back to the his true abilities with the single saber.

JP with the help of NoFrikinfun start a mapping project which eventually became the Jedi Academy maps, after the project was ninja'd by Virtue and FaDed (for the best obviously).

After going AFK from the JK3 series due to un-interest JP returned to the JA prior to the release of the Orginal Trilogy release. He came back to a server full with students and knights he had no knowledge of. That is how he eventually became friends with Tido. Its a long story which Tido can add if he cares. Needless to say, they became friends in a VERY unorodox way. When he was nominated for knight his newly found friend Tido, his long time mate Virtue along with Motrec, and Janus helped him train for his knight trials. Tido with his core abilities of Hybrid dueling, Virtue with his yellow style, Full Force Light side and guns work, Motrec with his Dual saber skills and Janus with his Staff skills. JP had a dream team of teachers and still failed his first test due to rushing into it. He wasnt ready for the trials he had to go thru due to the fact that it was the hardest test of skill you will ever come by. On top of that he killed the head of the trial by accident mid conversation with a sniper rifle and got destroyed by Leif and Tido in his duels. JP's second trial came months later hours of training. He then passed that trial and attained the rank of Jedi Knight.

He played for three or four months before again going MIA and was demoted during the purge.

Days Away

Jedi_Prodigy would be MIA although still actively checking the forums for about two years. Through that time he was have times of relapse spending brief periods of time playing JK3. Especially prior to the JA Las Vegas meeting in 2005 (Where he met with Virtue, Darth-Mobility, and Lord Romulas). During that period of time JP and his wingman Cloakedthunder were a two man wrecking crew in games like Planetside, America's Army (Formed Deafenin Silence), The Matrix Online, Battlefield 2, Star Wars Galaxies, and finally World of Warcraft.

Triumphant Return

Jedi_Pimp would return again in May of 2007 prior to Celebration IV where he met with Darth-Mobility, Darth Sirius, and Jade Jedi (Pictures can be found here JP is now fully active in JK2 and the Moviebattles community. He has put JK3 to his past as playing JK2 again has shown him how much of a superior saber system the game includes.