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Saber Single
Style Form IV, Form V, Hybrid (Clean)
Affiliation(s) The Jedi Academy, The Jedi Academy Aurochs
Gender Male
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Padawans Strider, Bismarck
"Awwwwwww Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!"
— Dane

Dane is well admired for his seemingly incredible prediction abilities used to overcome his high ping on most servers. His usual style is based on high-energy attacks and unpredictable movement. However in the waning days of his career his fighting more greatly reflected that which had been past down to him from teachers like Virtue, Jaiko D'Kana, Tido, Sauce and Leif. He also saw great success employing the Staff techniques taught to him by JK13. In either mode his style here was much more refined and based on sharp, precise counter-attacks. Still unpredictable, Dane found a way to merge his own unique talents with the deadly accuracy and technique that was contributed to him by so many before him.

Dane began like all Academy Students, learning the ways of the force, learning to duel with a lightsaber, making friends and having fun. During this time he learnt from many of the great Trainers at the Jedi Academy such as Leif, Luke Skywalker, Jaiko D'Kana, Virtue, Aphex, Katan and MOTREC along with up and coming Knights like Janus, 3th, Jaina D'Kana and Tido. The last of whom, Tido took particular interest in Dane and eventually took him on as his Padawan learner.

It is also during this time that he made friendships that would last not only his time at the Jedi Academy but well beyond. Before long Dane's interest for learning and competitive matches had seen him join the Jedi Academy Aurochs and despite his geographical lag, become an asset to their TFFA squad.

Under Tido's tutelage Dane became a Jedi Academy Knight. Unfortunately he was often at odds with the Jedi Academy Council after Tido's falling out with the Council and his close personal ties to his master. In the end Dane felt his obligations to both Tido, the Aurochs and his friends there was contrasted too starkly against his very different obligations to the Jedi Council in his role as a Knight.

In one movement Dane stepped down as Jedi Academy Knight and retired from the Jedi Academy Aurochs. The finality and completeness of his reservation from all that he had worked and strived for, a tribute to the friends he had swore to never let down or betray. Following this Dane stepped away from the public light at the Academy and undertook a quiet journey, one which took him into the Jedi Academy community in Australia where he discovered an untapped resource of talented and skilled players and adapted his style to reflect a change in times and a change in his person. Like most of his peers he has since faded from the halls of the Academy and journeyed into the greater beyond.